Frédéric Tangy

Bio:Frédéric Tangy, PhD, Dr.Sc., is Director of research at CNRS and head of the Viral Genomics and Vaccination laboratory at Institut Pasteur (CNRS URA-3015). He made his carreer as a virologist in CNRS and Institut Pasteur. In the recent years, he has developed two research programs : 1) the generation of polyvalent viral attenuated vaccines based on a vector derived from measles vaccine (design of antigens, construction of replicating recombinant vectors, preclinical and clinical development in the field of HIV, dengue and malaria), 2) the mapping of the interactions between viral and host proteins in a systematic way using functional genomic approaches to identify new targets for drugs and new determinants of pathogenicity/attenuation. In 2008 he launched with Armelle Phalipon the international Vaccinology course of Institut Pasteur.
Address:Institut Pasteur
28 Rue du Dr. Roux
FR - France

Last update: Friday, May 20, 2011
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